Campo Mirror
CAMPO is a multipurpose mirror that opens a window to simple times. Inspired by traditional wooden crates used in markets during the early 50’s, CAMPO mirror replicates the functionality and spirit of such object. Its wooden frame allows it to be used both vertically and horizontally to serve and fit different environments. It can be used as a shelf to support a routine, to frame and display objects, or simply as a mirror. CAMPO relies on a simple detail that adds surface area to be used as a shelf, giving it its clever character.
Figs are a range of playful hooks developed for a primary school in France. A fig shape to hang different coats and scarves, followed by a hook for bags, hats, or other items that need extra grip. Figs are perfect in numbers for public hallways or individually for private homes.
Tile table
A flat pack and easy to assemble coffee table made in solid wood designed to create, with simple shapes and standard manufacturing tools, a strong character that plays with perspectives and movement. Tile can be paired with other tables to create different shapes, layouts and suit different needs.
Midi chair
A chair for the everyday life. It’s not precious. It’s designed to get scratched and bear the scars of use. It’s a chair to have a glass of wine on a terrace and to reach that book on the highest shelf. An affordable chair used for any occasion. Midi is not an icon but a worker for the ordinary. Its familiar shape makes it perfect for any environment. Its design makes it functional for any requirement. It is highly stackable and has interchangeable seat options for every setting.
A common object that is part of our daily domestic landscape and often unnoticed. Trivet is a drawing exercise where the focus is driven by the continuity of how different lines and surfaces flow and meet. It takes its roots in traditional cast iron stoves making its function easy to understand while maintaining a sculptural language.
MAP is inspired by wind maps showing the direction of warm winds. It aims to create a subtle yet distinct atmosphere, with a soft gradient of colours that creates a gentle visual progression inviting contemplation. It defines a visual area designed for resting, evoking that feeling of a warm breeze.